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I almost didn't do that.

It was tremendous.

The largest part of my life is already gone.

I don't know when Laurie called, but it was either yesterday or the day before.

Manny hardly ever loses at chess.


Roy and I have known each other for a long time.

The witch threw the toad into her cauldron.

Never shift gears when you're crossing railroad tracks, as it could cause your car to stall straddling the tracks.

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I had pizza for lunch.

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I write articles regularly.


Do you still want to go to lunch?

Let's not argue anymore.

He already intends to go to the sea.

Mark needs to improve his employability.

People of this country do not respect their old traditions any longer.

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No one will ever forget you.

I'm waiting tables.

We don't speak French.

You're right, as always.

That's why I fell for you.

Jerome made the same mistake again.

Father makes sure that all the lights are off before he goes to bed.

Aren't you tired of doing that?

I read a lot of books in my youth; I am a scholar in my own way.


I didn't ask for your advice.

Kerri is doing quite well.

New York is in the United States.


If you are up for it, let's go!

This is a vital shipping line.

You seem to have had that car for years.

You talked to us, right?

Stand perfectly still.


Bobbie didn't call the cops.

I've done what I can for her.

I don't have the slightest idea what is considered so great about Boston.


Claire certainly knows when Gideon's concert will be.


Can I ask a favor?

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Fortunately, Kinch recovered.


A more robust approach is certainly possible.


Describe that accident in detail.


Could I speak to Julianto?


When refined, crude oil yields many products.

No one would've cared.

I've been very careful.

They sweated.

He can speak German, not to mention English and French.

Under the Constitution, the lower chamber's resolutions override those of the upper chamber.

Today was the worst day in Sarajevo.


We're about to have guests.

Be careful what you do.

His success went to his head.

Can't you see we're trying to work?

Sean divorced her husband long enough ago.

It's almost our anniversary.

We could have our tea in the garden, were it a little warmer.


I don't remember ever wanting to become a fireman or a baseball player when I was young.

I sincerely hope you'll give me this second chance.

The weather stayed cold for three weeks.

I'm sure it wasn't me who broke this.

There has probably been a mistake.

The Union army shelled the city.

I was with Carl the night before he died.


What you said convinced us.

Who hit her?

So. Having had all that done to him it would be stranger if he wasn't enraged.

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He likes to show off.

I agreed with you in all your views.

That might be difficult.


They took a walk on the beach.


We'll decide later.

I'm not allowed to be here by myself after dark.

This is completely absurd.

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And they lived happily ever after.

You have no authority to do that.

He's an awful busybody.

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The scissors won't cut anything.


Mitch deserves all the credit.


Lance looked at the picture.


You've opened a window.


Every rumour contains a grain of truth.

Drinking much is dangerous.

She advised him to go on a strict diet.


I know Latin.

I want to know more about you, Huey.

You can always ride the elevator.

A drop of sweat ran down his side.

I asked Alejandro to close the door.

Why are people so cruel?

I don't know if that means anything.


Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?


Jean kept on making the same mistake.


The detective took down his testimony on the spot, word for word.


She lost her memory in a traffic accident.


I sat down across from Manolis.

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We need to make sacrifices.

Do you think Liyuan is untidy?

The Belgians were the strongest of all the Gauls.

All hope is gone.

I think Manavendra was supposed to do that by himself.


Never tell a lie, either for fun or from fear.

Hiroyuki used to walk to work.

Never did I dream of winning first prize.

I hope you win.

I've a patient. See you.

Lance was impressed by Damone's cooking.

Are you still awake? It's already three where you are, right?


Jerald and Pilar are scared.

Len is my neighbor.

After the accident, the injured were taken to hospital.

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She was surprised by what she saw.

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They were talking together like old pals.

He crossed himself.

It will not be long before it rains.

Between ourselves, this article is selling slowly.

You just realised how awesome I am!

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Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.


"I care very deeply for you", she confessed.


She's destroying her clothes.

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That pesky imp must be punished.


When did you come back from Boston?


I like it when you talk dirty to me!


Is this 223-1374?

Masao belongs to the tennis club.

All it takes is concentration and solitude.

I'm going back to my office.

I've come to make my peace with you.

The candle has gone out.

I was about to leave home when the telephone rang.

I knew you'd bring that up.

We want Shamim to play a song or two for us on his banjo.

How long are we just going to sit here?

Tell them you're sick.


Buddhism originated in India.

We weren't busy.

I'm a starved spider.

Aside from him, nobody else came to the party.

Christopher has been locked up for three years.


What do they want with us?

I've got no quarrel with you two.

Lukas was expecting you fifteen minutes ago.

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He is thankful for your kindness.

I'm not afraid to be criticized.

He has bought a banana case.

Hienz stood in the corner of the room with a gin and tonic in his hand.

Apparently, it's getting more difficult to find a good job.

Why don't you love me?

She was idly turning over the pages of a magazine.


Why did you part with your house?


I thought Anderson would make breakfast.